5-ply Corrugated Cartons

5-ply Cartons

Robust and cost effective packaging is at the core of the e-commerce sector, across the world. The most crucial element in this is the ubiquitous 5-ply corrugated cartons that symbolizes every kind of e-commerce venture.

These corrugated boxes usually hold up against a fair amount of heat, moisture, and shock and withstand unexpected temperature changes as well. However, prolonged exposure to the elements, is likely to damage them.

The core element of e-commerce: the 5-ply Corrugated Cartons

Corrugated carton packaging is a preferred material in comparison to standard carboard material especially in the food industry.

Manufacturers and packers have leveraged the strength of this material to pack and transport food items across great distances. Corrugated carton boxes are quite strong because of their components, design, and manufacturing methods.

They consist of five layers, of which there are two internal layers that are corrugated – this is also called the sine wave cardboard. This 5-ply structure gives it a firm shape and strength that is particularly useful when transporting fragile items.

At trenpa, we reuse and recycle 5-ply corrugated cartons as a policy and a commitment to greening the planet. The recycling involves reprocessing and reuse of these thick sheets that are otherwise discarded.

Benefits of 5-ply corrugated cartons:

  • Ideal for fragile goods, agricultural products, and food items
  • Ensures safety of packaged goods
  • Durable and resistant to most weather changes
  • Reusable, depending on the items packed
  • Is biodegradable & recyclable in a sustainable way
  • Cuts down packaging costs

TRENPA strongly supports Corrugated Recycles

At trenpa, we reuse and recycle corrugated cardboard as a policy and a commitment to greening the planet.

At trenpa, we use cardboard materials that are 100% recyclable and biodegradable. We try to reduce our carbon footprints, with a “green” packaging solution*. The 5-ply corrugated cartons, we use contain almost 90% recycled materials. The carton’s Burst Strength is 9.5 Kg/square cm (135.12 lb/square inch). This implies that our cartons (5-ply – Double Walled), can comfortably manage the weight of 24 Kilograms.

*One of the many parameters required for The Rainforest Initiative Certification