Aloe Vera

Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera for Healthy, Lustrous Hair

Who doesn’t love a mop of hair that is lustrous and healthy? Long or short, all that matters is that your hair looks good always. It must always be the most striking element of your entire appearance. This is not all that difficult if you know how to blend cold pressed Coconut Oil with Aloe Vera. 

The ingredients are easy to get and easier to mix – Aloe Vera and Coconut Oil. Of course, there is a rider to this: both these items need to be fresh and of good quality. Do not make the mistake of using either of these two elements that are old or stale. You are not going to enjoy the desired effect if you do.

Aloe Vera

Let’s look at Aloe Vera to begin with. Greece, Egypt, India, Japan, and Mexico were some countries that identified the multiple uses of this incredibly versatile plant. Looking like a cactus, thorny and unfriendly, this did not seem to be a plant that possessed many medicinal qualities. Also called the ‘Lily of the Desert’ Aloe Vera soon became quite popular as a treatment for thinning or damaged hair.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is yet another panacea that has become popular across the world. Asia, South America, and the Pacific islands have been home to various species of coconut. The fact remains that in countries where coconut is commonly grown, the uses are extensive. From being a base for medicine to a valuable cosmetic additive to being a cooking medium, this is one versatile oil that never ceases to amaze.

When two strong stalwarts in the field of nutraceuticals combine, the resulting potion is potent and incredibly enriching. Blending the two produce the best results especially when you mix the Aloe Vera into the oil and heat it. You can also add other herbs to give it some additional properties & benefits. You could either make it into a dark and natural hair dye or a natural deterrent to dandruff.

Healthy hair & Smooth Skin

Aloe Vera enriched coconut oil also helps keep the body cool and ensure that external temperatures do not affect you. It is quite interesting to know that this combination is one of the go-to remedies for children too. If a little one develops a bit of a rash or skin irritation, think of this concoction. You could apply a little bit of oil that contains the essence of Aloe Vera. It not only lessens the rash, but it also retains the suppleness of the baby’s skin as well.

The quality of the Coconut Oil is crucial to the effectiveness of the blend; this is assured when you use Trenpa Cold Pressed Coconut Oil. With this quality oil as a base, you can add Aloe Vera gel to ensure that you get a mixture that your hair will love.

Say goodbye to unmanageable frizzy hair; get your cold pressed oil right away!

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