About Us

TRENPA sells agricultural products that are well-entrenched with ethical values and local sensibilities. Our processes and products comply with The Rainforest Initiative’s Certification programme.

The Rainforest Initiative Certification™Trenpa balance's the art and science of conservation with indigenous know-how that brings a harmonious blend of ancient and traditional knowledge. We use the power of cutting-edge technologies to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks to run a powerful e-Commerce platform.

We do our bit to minimise our carbon footprint. We want to be Carbon Neutral, as early as possible and we are working towards that goal

TRENPA was started by Dr. Krishnamani Ramanathan and his wife Ms. Viola Ramanathan Krishnamani.

Dr Krishnamani Ramanathan, an ecologist-cum-social entrepreneur. A person who is deeply committed to conserving natural resources, reducing carbon footprints & climate change. He promotes sustainable commercial practices. Krishnamani is always on the lookout for viable alternatives and ethical trade practices. In 2020, he decided that the agricultural sector would be the answer to revitalizing not just his entrepreneurial efforts, but also providing solutions to multiple stakeholder groups in this ecosystem.

This is how TRENPA was conceived. A solutions-driven private limited company. TRENPA sustainably connects producers and consumers of agricultural and natural products, on a virtual platform, with foundations laid for national and international operations.

Ms. Viola Ramanathan Krishnamani, has been a proactive contributor in the field of education and social development for nearly three decades. Long before the terms ‘social entrepreneurship’ and ‘sustainability’ became relevant and significant globally, she had started supporting organizations in both sectors. This ensures a process-driven and result-oriented presence at multiple levels. Her expertise lies in areas such as business strategy, human resource management, financial health.

She also advises on scalability, audits, and quality assurance. In India and abroad, she works in sectors as diverse as agriculture, technical education, and gender sensitization. Viola brings to the educational & social development sectors, a sense of purpose and operational structure to propel an organization towards sustainability and scalability.