Oxygen Absorbers

oxygen absorber

Oxygen Absorbers play an important role in preserving food items and increasing their shelf life. They help preserve grains, powders, lentils, pulses, and other dry food items. An Oxygen Absorber is a small packet that contains an iron powder. The oxygen and moisture present in the food item packet, are absorbed by this iron powder.

The important element in this absorber is the sachet material. Though it allows absorption, it does not allow the iron powder to leak out. oxygen absorberHere are some reasons why an Oxygen Absorbers are safe :

  • It is odourless and does absorb any external odour either
  • Oxygen absorption ensures little or no insect damage
  • It does not impact the taste or quality of the food
  • It is a cost-effective mechanism to retain freshness
  • Customisable based on the size of the package

TRENPA uses Oxygen Absorbers in their packagings

Oxygen Absorbers increase the shelf life of food products. These small packets are effective as long as the iron powder is oxidizable. Once the iron powder is “loaded”, the absorbing action stops.

We use standardised Oxygen Absorbers to retain the freshness of all products. With their capacity to absorb excess oxygen present in a package, these absorbers prevent any deterioration in quality. We use them in all our Millet products Trenpa places these small sachets in cartons, jars, and packages to ensure food items are safe from insect damage*.

These packets, placed on top of the food, don’t adversely impact the quality of the food. They remove a significantly higher amount of oxygen, making it an efficient alternative. Air is about 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, and Oxygen Absorbers remove only the oxygen. The air left in the container is mostly nitrogen and will not affect the food or allow the growth of insects.

* One of the many parameters required for The Rainforest Initiative Certification