Oil pulling with Coconut Oil

Benefits of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil

Have you heard of oil pulling with Coconut Oil; do you know what it’s all about? Before you get to know more think of this uncomfortable situation. You have just fled a social gathering because there were quite a few people with bad breath. Needless to say, this is a very embarrassing situation. You cannot talk about it either to the person concerned or anyone else – there could be a fallout! You then start wondering if you have bad breath yourself! Now, isn’t that a question you need to ask yourself every single day? It surely is.

Benefits of Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil: Where did this originate?

No more mystery – the ancient system of medicine that is fast gaining ground across the world is Ayurveda. It is a comprehensive collection of methods, medicines, treatments, and much more that have been handed down through generations. Oil pulling is one of the most commonly advised treatments in this traditional form of medicine. It has helped people through the ages overcome issues like mouth ulcers, gingivitis, oral bleeding, etc.

How is oil pulling done?

The term sounds quite confusing, doesn’t it? Read on to find out how this effective ancient treatment works at maintaining oral hygiene. Generally, the oil that you use is supposed to ‘pull’ out all the harmful bacteria that resides in your mouth. The process is quite simple; put one or two tablespoons of cold pressed Coconut Oil into your mouth. Keep swishing it around for at least 4 to 5 minutes. The longer you do it the more effective the treatment is. Make sure you don’t swallow any part of the oil; instead spit it out when you’re done. Doing this repeatedly at least twice a day makes a great difference to your dental health.

Ayurveda says that this is the best way of keeping harmful bacteria out of your mouth. You don’t have to go in for expensive mouthwashes that can set your teeth on edge because of their pungency. Instead, you can use Coconut Oil or Sesame Oil – but please make sure these are cold pressed oils. There is a valid reason why ordinarily processed oil is not as good as cold pressed ones. All nutrients and benefits are retained in cold processing while this does not happen when oils are heated for purification. The latter, also referred to as the solvent extraction method, yields more but does not retain all the essential and beneficial ingredients.

You now know about an ancient medicine that is easy to use and incredibly effective; don’t wait! You don’t have to go very far to find pure cold pressed Coconut Oil – Trenpa is your best bet! The processing system is hundreds of years old and is effectively done even today. A specific type of wood is used in this oil mill to ensure there is no contamination of any kind. Oil pulling and Coconut Oil go together to help people of all ages.

Try this right away & ensure your oral health.

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