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Combo Packs

Combo Packs

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With a Combo Pack that brings good health and wellness, you can never go wrong. Choose from a range of Trenpa® products and customise a Combo Pack that you can share with colleagues, associates, clients – just about anyone in your network. Every Combo Pack contains 650gm of goodness in the form of millet flakes and a traditional sugar. With quite a few cooking options that can be put together, this is a wise and healthy option that you can gift any time of the year.

  1. Some interesting cooking tips to make tasty options with the millet flakes & coconut sugar in the pack:
  2. A cup of millet flakes – could be either one or more millet – with a few nuts and pieces of cut fruit soaked briefly in cold or warm milk, makes a wholesome breakfast option
  3. Washed and drained flakes combined with sauteed onions, chillies, green coriander & ginger sets your tastebuds tingling with a savoury option
  4. Using yoghurt as a soaking medium with a dash of honey and a sprinkling of nuts helps put you on track after a workout or just as an in-between snack
  5. The traditional sugar in this pack can be used as a substitute for it’s not-so-healthy counterpart – white sugar; use coconut sugar and feel good about the sweetness it brings

Grow your network and make it more meaningful with these wellness options that prioritize your health.

Celebrate good health every day by giving a Combo Pack

We deliver all our products in eco-friendly; they are either recyclable or reusable packages. Shop our products worth Rs 750 and be eligible for Free Shipping all over India.

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Ranifed Millets

Unlike rice and wheat that require many inputs in terms of fertiliser and water, millets grow well in dry regions as 'rainfed' crops. More than 60% farmers are dependent on rainfed’ agriculture for their livelihood. India covers arid, semi-arid and sub humid zones which represents more than 70% of the geographical area. India's rain-dependence and malnutrition problem can be addressed by promoting a shift towards production of millets.


Cold Pressed Cooking Oils

Our Cold Pressed Cooking Oils are made using traditional elements – a mortar & pestle made of granite stone and wood (Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth.), which prevents heat generation. The oil is not heated, processed, or mixed with other chemicals. Hence, the oil retains all of the essential nutrients and minerals.

Jaggery boiling in steel vats

Traditional Sugars

Traditional Sugars, referred to as Jaggery, is consumed in the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Africa. It is made from Coconut, Palmyra, Fish-tailed, Nipa and Date Palm trees. The term jaggery is generally understood to refer to palm syrup based jaggery rather than sugarcane jaggery. The sugary syrup is boiled in steel vats to make these traditional sugars.


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Achamma Abraham


Suraj Kumar
A different Corporate Gift

The combo packs were really nice and very well packed. Ideal as a Corporate Gift.