Cold-pressed Cooking Oils

Cold-pressed Cooking Oils - An Overview

There was a time on our planet when food was the best medicine for various ailments. But as time progressed and the population grew, organic farming practices went into the shadows to feed the burgeoning population. The result – most foods are unhealthy today. Today, food is not a medicine but has become a root cause of many diseases. Health-conscious individuals are looking out for food options that not only satisfies their tongue, but also satisfies their health. We are discussing about the Cold-pressed Cooking Oils

Cold-pressed Oils is one such wonder which tastes better than refined oils and is filled with essential vitamins and nutrients. Refined oils are manufactured by heating the oils at high temperatures, which results in the loss of all vitamins and nutrients. These are bad for one’s health as they contain bad cholesterol resulting in the risk of various cardiovascular diseases.

Cold-pressed Cooking Oils, is manufactured in a ‘chekku’. The chekku has been in use since the time of the Indus Valley Civilization. The chekku grinds the groundnut/peanuts seeds or coconut kernels or sesame/ gingelly seeds until the oil is extracted completely. These 100% natural oil is then strained to get rid of residue. Because the oil is not heated, processed, or mixed with other chemicals, the oil retains all of the essential nutrients and minerals. Some of the benefits of Cold-pressed Oils include –

Cardiovascular Health – While it might seem counterintuitive for those who believe that oil is bad for the heart, Cold-pressed Cooking Oils is actually good for one’s heart. It contains high levels of HDL (good cholesterol) that reduce the risk of heart-related diseases, making it a healthy fat.

Protection against Diseases – Since the Ayurvedic times, Cold-pressed Cooking Oils have been prescribed for building stronger immune systems. Our immune system protects us against various bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus and monkeypox virus. While Cold-pressed Cooking Oils cannot be used to treat them, by building a stronger immune system, it helps the body fight these diseases.

Cell Repair and Formation – Cold-pressed Oils help in the formation of red blood cells, which are responsible for transporting oxygen around the body and keeping our organs intact. They also prevent cell damage and promote cell repair, thereby preventing various chronic diseases.

Diabetic-friendly – Diabetic patients are often advised to stay away from foods that result in a spike in blood sugars. Cold-pressed Cooking Oils contains high concentrations of polyunsaturated fats that lower blood sugars and helps them. It also contains high amounts of phytosterols that regulates blood pressure.

Prevents ageing - Cold-pressed Cooking Oils also works wonders on one’s skin when applied. The vitamins and minerals in the oil reduce wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and prevent skin dryness and ageing.

Health is the biggest wealth. Start a healthy life today by switching from refined oil to Cold-pressed Cooking Oils.

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